For each troop type we provide a brief description and six tables summarising the core attributes with respect to the three constraints: cost, upkeep and training time. Top three tables represent attack, total defence and Resource Transport Capacity (RTC). Bottom three tables show speed and defences against infantry and cavalry.
Each table analyses an attribute with respect to cost, upkeep and training time. Each of these is ranked and scored. The score is calculate as the percentage of the top ranked troop so if a troop attribute is ranked 1 it will have a score of 10. Score of 6, for example, means that the troop has 60% performance in that attribute compared to the troop ranked 1.
When evaluating troop's defensive capabilities one should use the total defence values. Individual infantry and cavalry scores and ranks should be used with caution as they only show partial defence capabilities.
For attack and defence calculations we use level 20 improved in Smithy values. The reason for that is that most of the battles played out in Travian are with troops either improved to level 20 or close to that value. Level 20 improvement should be a goal for any offensive or defensive army. We use the correct Smithy improvement formula developed by Kirilloid ( Most websites use incorrect formulas and their Smithy improvement values will differ from ours.
Furthermore, for Roman cavalry we assume Horse Drinking Trough level 20 when calculating affective upkeep and training. We understand that Horse Drinking Trough is a big investment, but it is important to use highest possible values when ranking and scoring troops. Saying that, it is important to note that when calculating Teuton offensive values we do NOT use Brewery bonuses. Brewery bonuses are shown here. The reason for including Horse Drinking Trough and excluding Brewery bonuses is that Brewery has negative side effects when celebrations are run, but Horse Drinking Trough once in place does not require additional celebrations and has no negative affects.
TOPHero right hand items
The scores and ranks included bonuses obtained from hero right hand items. We use level 3 items in our calculations as these provide the best bonus. Including these bonuses does change some of the scores and ranks. Equites Imperatoris for example benefits the most in Attack / Upkeep and moves to the second spot after applying this bonus.
When comparing the scores one should be mindful of the fact that the hero can only hold one right hand item at a time. This means that only one troop type will benefit from it's item type and the troops for which the hero does not hold an item will actually score than the highest possible scores shown here. Let us look at Attack / Upkeep for Imperian and Equites Caesaris in a Roman Hammer as an example.