Welcome to Advanced Travian Beta! This site is about the web browser game Travian 4. It provides basic analysis of troops and their attributes in the form of simple bar graphs.
Whether training offensive or defensive troops in travian, there are three main attributes which constrain the size of the overall strength of an army a player can train.
TOPResources & Unit Cost
At the beginning of the game when resource production is still very low cost will be the most significant constraint. Teutons can produce their Clubswingers much more cheaply than the other two tribes and therefore have an advantage.
Upkeep (or consumption) is the measure of how much crop your troops consume per hour. The greater the consumption, the more crop you need to produce in order to keep your army alive.
The upkeep constraint is not really apparent in the early stages of the game, but as the game progresses it may become an important limiting factor.
For gold users upkeep is even more important. Overall, crop is the cheapest resource to produce and excess crop can be changed into any other resource type using the NPC merchant. The more efficient your army's upkeep is, the more spare crop you will have for NPCing.
Let's take 1000 Clubswingers for example. The troops have a total attack force (ignoring Smithy improvements for the time being) of 40000 points and consume 1000 crop per hour. Equivalent strength group of Imperians would consists of 40000/70 units which is about 572 Imperians, consuming 572 crop per hour. The roman army consisting of Imperians will consume 428 crop per hour (or 10272 per day) less than the equivalent Teuton army of Clubswingers. The savings you make in crop consumption can be invested in training additional troops.
TOPTraining Time
Length of training (or training time) is a measure of how long it takes to train a troop unit in Barracks, Stable or Workshop. It is a constraint which applies to offensive armies especially, but defensive armies are affected too.
As your resource production and the income from raiding increases you are able to train more and more units in a given time period. You slowly increase the levels of your training builds (Barracks etc) to allow for faster training. There will be a time though where all your training buildings are at level 20 and the queues in those are full 24/7. Your resource production continues to increase but you simply cannot train your troops any faster (except for using Great Barracks etc). This is the time when you have reached the training time constraint.